Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tall Bars and Ball's, Balls, Balls

I have been playing with my Tall Mold Hubby made me and been making soap balls. Everyone loves soap balls even me! I find I am drawn to soaps with soap balls from other soapers. Its been forever  since I have made soap ball soap. Last summer was the last time I made any. So I start  making balls and the response is incredible! I have people asking at my markets for the soap ball soaps! Here are a few. Hope you enjoy! ~Sacha

Bubble Mint

Hey Baby! (not so tall! hahaha)

Black Tie


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Soaps and Website!!

Been making up a storm!!
My website is also Live now and accepting orders! www.pipestonesoaps.com 
Please browse and enjoy some shopping with the Flat Rate Shipping we now offer!! How exciting!!  At the time I am only shipping within Canada. 
Enjoy all the soapies .... Sacha



 Pink Watermelon

 Citrus Sage


 Unscented Oatmilk



Monday, 8 April 2013

New soap.... Dreams

Decided to remake one of my soaps that I used to call 'Loving'.  It's a dupe from a lingerie company, no names need to mentioned. :)  As I was pouring I was listen to an irish band ... they have a song called Dreams from back in the 90's.  Love that song and love this soap.... so I had to rename this soap Dreams. Such a yummy scent! ~Sacha

Monday, 1 April 2013

Spring Time In Alberta

Yes..... just like the Ian Tyson song.... it's spring time in Alberta. And do you know what that means? M.U.D. And not your typical patty cake mud pie mud. I mean Gumbo. I mean thick Black Mud. The type of mud that as you walk.... you get taller mud. Its that bad. Our place is a mud pit... Our house is a mudpit. Mud Mud Mud. Having little boys that will not stay out of the mud is great (NOT!!). *sigh* Well at least the snow is finally going and there's light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank goodness.... these winters are so long out here.

I've made a few soaps to start to get ready for market season starting. And I've opened up my website again Pipestone Soaps. Trying a different theme and I quite like it. It's very simple and elegant. Easy to navigate and I take it back... I LOVE it! 

I also have tried my hand at the new Tall bars. They turned out very nice and so pretty! Will have to rethink how I'm going to package them but I think I will try this again soon. Here are a bunch of new bars, some are on the cure shelves and some are all ready to go. Hope you like them. ~Sacha

Poppleberry.... New Tall Bars! Measured just right for my slab mold. :) 


Afternoon Tea

Bay Rum

Brown Sugar & Fig

Vanilla Lavender

Honey Bunny

Rise & Shine


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My New Obsession

What is my New Obsession you might ask. And I will jump up and down with Glee ..... telling you it's Felted Soap!! Thats right.... Wool Felted Soap! I cannot get enough of this. I think about it all the time. Its a fantastic new creative outlet. And since as a soapmaker I have tons of soap sitting here cured... I can on a whim felt a couple soaps. Just like that. Choose a soap, choose a color and go to town! 

These were my very first attempts at felteing... No, I'm lying. I did try this a couple yrs ago with dark brown buffalo wool. Wasn't a pretty sight. Looked like a wool turd but smelled like blueberry. I kid you not. I kept it for a while then threw it out. 

Since the first few I have made more that are a bit more pretty and presentable. I am using up soaps from last season. They are rock hard and awesome for felting. **Tip** Do not use soaps with botanicals. Or if you are going to use ones with botanicals, cut off, completely remove any soap with botanicals on it. Any hint of botanicals, I had lavender buds... will turn your brilliant white wool brown.


Now I'm coming into my own with them. Found an awesome shop in Edmonton, Alberta. Flannelberry Creek . Customer service is great and the wool roving is much cheaper than buying from, lets say, Michaels. Of all the wool roving I purchased I have to say handsdown the Corriedale from New Zealand is my favorite wool. Such bright vibrant clean wool. Absolutely gorgeous. 

Felting soap is almost therapeutic for me. Just love it. This is also something I can get my little boys involved in. The other day I let my 4 1/2 yr old choose the colors and do most of the felting. He loved it. (I don't have a pic of his soap yet) 

Enjoy the photos! Sacha 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Found my Groove.......

 I've found my groove again and back making the soaps that are me.  Here are a few of my Signature Soaps. Hope you like them. 

I love wet soap..... I could sit and stare at wet soap all day long. This is Anise.....

This is one of my favorite bars 

 Perfect Storm..... I was raised on the west coast of Canada on a small Island called Quadra Island. This turned out to be a perfect picture of the stormy days and nights of living on the west coast. Something I miss so much... one day I will be back living on the west coast. 

 My Sandalwood Vanilla..... One of my most beautiful soaps ever. This discolors and just adds to the beauty. 

 And I played with Vanilla Bean this time. I wanted something different and I love it. 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Took a Break

I always seem to say.... Its been a long time since blogging. But that is the truth. Something I need to work on. 

Took a break from making soap from beginning of November to middle of January. It was a good break and was supposed to be a bit longer but I came back a few weeks early. It was a needed break. I left all groups on Facebook and didn't check any soap making forums. A total Soap Social Media Break. Had to clear my head and spend some time with my young family. Think things over. It was good. 

Have only made a few soaps in the last couple weeks... some I'm thrilled and over the moon with.... like 'Perfect Storm' but I need to get my groove back with some of them and I admit that. 

Perfect Storm..... This one is my absolute favorite soap. The design is amazing and always turns out amazing! This is the slab split.

Sweet Orange Chili Pepper

Japanese Cherry Blossom

May Chang

Split Slab of .....Cucumber Melon. **Took a gamble with the colors on this one. Looks amazing split and there were lots of things people saw in this split, like an alien woman dancing in boots or a shark or flames but the bars ended up a bit muddy looking, to me. Next time I will use much less black. 

Black Raspberry Vanilla

I hope you all enjoy the soaps and I hope I can keep up the blogging more regularly. Maybe I should try for a post at least once a week.