Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My New Obsession

What is my New Obsession you might ask. And I will jump up and down with Glee ..... telling you it's Felted Soap!! Thats right.... Wool Felted Soap! I cannot get enough of this. I think about it all the time. Its a fantastic new creative outlet. And since as a soapmaker I have tons of soap sitting here cured... I can on a whim felt a couple soaps. Just like that. Choose a soap, choose a color and go to town! 

These were my very first attempts at felteing... No, I'm lying. I did try this a couple yrs ago with dark brown buffalo wool. Wasn't a pretty sight. Looked like a wool turd but smelled like blueberry. I kid you not. I kept it for a while then threw it out. 

Since the first few I have made more that are a bit more pretty and presentable. I am using up soaps from last season. They are rock hard and awesome for felting. **Tip** Do not use soaps with botanicals. Or if you are going to use ones with botanicals, cut off, completely remove any soap with botanicals on it. Any hint of botanicals, I had lavender buds... will turn your brilliant white wool brown.


Now I'm coming into my own with them. Found an awesome shop in Edmonton, Alberta. Flannelberry Creek . Customer service is great and the wool roving is much cheaper than buying from, lets say, Michaels. Of all the wool roving I purchased I have to say handsdown the Corriedale from New Zealand is my favorite wool. Such bright vibrant clean wool. Absolutely gorgeous. 

Felting soap is almost therapeutic for me. Just love it. This is also something I can get my little boys involved in. The other day I let my 4 1/2 yr old choose the colors and do most of the felting. He loved it. (I don't have a pic of his soap yet) 

Enjoy the photos! Sacha 


  1. I'm a huge soap felting fan too! I've bought most of my batts from Etsy, but this site looks awesome, so thanks for the link!

  2. They are just stunning Sacha, so neat and tidy too! How cool that you are able to do this with your kids!

    1. Thank You Cee! Since they are too young to soap with me ... this is great! :))) Sacha

  3. Those soaps are gorgeous! Congrats on successful felting. I haven't used a felted soap before, but I have always wanted to!

  4. I love the felted soaps and you did such a great job on yours. :)